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Technological tools are core part of our lives and for any nation to achieve its full potential; it requires pool of talented scientists, engineers and other professionals that have relevant expertise that can create technical solutions for emerging problems in the society. While many students and other adults are very good at using gadgets, not many of them are sufficiently interested in knowing how these devices are built.

Creative thinking

Not many fields of knowledge incorporate creativity and fun simultaneously. Studies have shown that robotics achieves both. In fact, students love to partake in activities in which they have full control, something that is possible with robotics. And when learners are able to do cool stuff, they want to develop more features

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Programming Skills

As artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent in homes, schools, and offices, a little programming knowledge will help everyone understand how these bots work.

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Team Work

Robotics incorporates a range of skills, and thus promotes a learning environment for people with different talents. If properly harnessed, it also promotes a culture of teamwork. It can even be used to help students who might struggle to learn in traditional classroom settings – for example, the ASK NAO robot was developed to help autistic students, and its main goal to bring everyone on board through modern educational-technology approaches in academia.

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Creating and programming bots is challenging. However, working through frustration helps students develop a never-give-up attitude. It imparts determination, which is crucial for any technological or scientific undertaking.

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With advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, driverless cars, and machine learning, 3-D printing, e.t.c taking shape every day, the present generation of students needs to be more prepared for technological changes than any before.

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